About Us

Launched in 2005, ACTION Ontario is an innovative not-for-profit organization. Its mandate is to advocate on behalf of patients with neuropathic pain (resulting from injury or disease of the nerves, the spinal cord or the brain), in order to secure better and faster access to pain therapies. We operate as a volunteer board comprised of doctors and other healthcare professionals from nursing, psychology, physical therapy and other disciplines. In addition to those working in the delivery of health care, the board is rounded out with the inclusion of patient representatives and scientists researching pain mechanisms. As volunteers with ACTION, each and every one of us is committed to improving the lives of people managing with neuropathic pain.

Neuropathic Pain is not well understood by healthcare providers, policy makers, the insurance industry or the public, and as a result, the condition is under-funded and under-treated in Ontario. ACTION Ontario intends to change this. In order to more effectively treat chronic pain, more efficiently use existing health system resources and decrease total healthcare costs, we believe that a comprehensive pain strategy must be created for Ontario. In this way, we can hope for a better life for the many people who suffer from neuropathic pain.

ACTION Ontario is committed to working closely with different levels of government, researchers, physicians and other healthcare providers in order to achieve our goals of increased awareness about chronic pain and health system improvements to better diagnose, treat and understand chronic pain. Please join with us to build a better future for those with neuropathic pain.